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Steve Grimwood, Managing Director of Osmo UK, looks at the ease of repair and renovation of wood flooring.

Unlike many of the traditional lacquers, damaged areas on floors treated with hardwax oils can be sanded and re-treated with the same products without any visible brushmarks. When making a repair, isolate the damaged area using masking tape. You should then evenly sand the area, following the grain of the wood, finishing with 120-150 grit sandpaper. Care should be taken to remove all the scratch marks, so it is important not to stop sanding too early. All dust should then be removed before progressing.

Where there is a physical dent in the wood, woodfiller products are ideal to even out the surface, without leaving a visible mark once treated. The next stop, whether woodfiller has been used or not, is to apply a thin coat of hardwax oil evenly onto the woods surface. You should then leave the treated area to dry for approximately 8-10 hours. When dry, apply a second thin coat of the wood oil. Once completely dry, if there is any difference in appearance, such as being too dull, applying a further thin coat may help improve this.

Due to the sanding of the damaged area, the wood’s natural colour may again be visible, appearing lighter than the surrounding wood. Do not worry though, this is more than likely temporary, with the appearance balancing out over time.

Advantages of using hardwax oils, such as Osmo’s Polyx Oil, is that when the finish is applied to the flooring, it penetrates deeply into the wood to create a micro-porous finish. This allows the wood to breathe, moisture to evaporate and ensures a flawless finish both upon application and for many years to come.

Once you have treated your wood flooring it is strengthened from within and will retain is elasticity. It becomes more water repellent, stain resistant and more hard-wearing, because it meets the wood’s natural demands. This means it will not peel, crack, flake or blister, like many traditional lacquers that lay on the woods surface might.

When the floor is complete and the finish has been allowed to dried, your flooring will be back to its original state. This system ensures that the wood retains its natural appearance for many years to come.

As with any flooring finish, ensure it is full of natural ingredients in order to compliment the woods organic properties, such as Osmo’s Polyx Hardwax-Oil, which is available from a nationwide network of stockists. For more information on Osmo UK and its range of eco-friendly flooring and finishes, visit www.osmouk.com or call 01296 481 220.

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