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Dickies sponsor Midwest Husaberg

Dickies sponsor Midwest Husaberg at the Enduro World Championships


Midwest Husaberg UK Enduro Team, sponsored by Dickies celebrated a successful season with the highlight that both Alex Rockwell and Jamie McCanney had podium finishes at the last Enduro World Championships.

After the summer break the Enduro World Championship headed towards Scandinavia for the Swedish and Finnish rounds. Situated high up in the northern hemisphere meant that temperatures were cooler and more rider friendly than the scorching heat of the previous round in Italy, mix in some heavy rain and this made for perfect conditions that would suit the UK riders. First was the Swedish round and the course was a mixture of sand, rocks and stones for the riders to negotiate.

The liaison sections were wet forestry going and proved difficult for some riders and this was the case for young Jamie McCanney who took too long to get to the first time control check and incurred a one minute time penalty. He carried on determinedly and worked his way back up the leader board where he was to finish forth on Day one. He later learned that without the time penalty he would have finish second. On Day two Jamie made no mistakes riding well all day and achieved his first ever podium position in third place. Team mate, Alex Rockwell had mixed fortunes in Sweden and with a couple of small mistakes in the hotly contested Under 23 Junior class left him with seventh and ninth finishes keeping him in eighth overall in the world standings. The team then headed off to nearby Finland for the next round.

On arriving in Finland the weather was cooler and the area was wet from recent rainfall. The course was in excellent condition with the Super test, Extreme and Enduro tests all being set in the former MX GP track. The Friday night super test went extremely well for both Alex and Jamie finishing third and second respectively. Day one again went well for both riders but Alex was having trouble mastering the long and extremely tricky enduro test which was over 8 kms of large stoney terrain. This left him in ninth position at the end of the day and feeling disappointed as on the other two tests he was consistently setting top three times.

Jamie was now on top form after his podium finish the previous week and continued to grow in strength and confidence to take a well deserved second. After heavy over night rain the course became very difficult to ride and the technical Enduro test would claim a few casualties. This suited the UK riders who are more used to competing in wet conditions and Alex started well recording the second fastest time in the first two tests. He continued to perform well and set the fastest time on the MX test later in the day to go into the last Enduro test in third overall. Knowing he had to set a good time on the test he least liked Alex produced the ride of his life to win the test, this secured his third position overall and only missed second place by one second. Jamie was again riding well and regularly set fast times to put him in second overall and even beat the new world champion in one of the tests. These two events were to prove to be the best ever for Team Midwest Husaberg UK.

Watch the video of the event on the Dickies Europe Facebook page or visit www.dickieseurope.com.

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