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A seamless finish with Itec Invisiweld

A seamless finish with Itec Invisiweld

Itec is pioneering the use of cold welding for its entire range of commercial-rated resilient flooring with the Itec Invisiweld system.

Negating the need for power tools and easier to carry out than conventional hot welding, Invisiweld leaves an almost imperceptible join making for a finish that is clean and retains the original aesthetic of wood, tile, stone and cement style decors.

The Invisiweld system utilises a chemical bond to achieve its almost invisible join and it is not only easier, but also quicker and more cost-effective than traditional seaming methods. With Itec’s Invisiweld Pro Starter Kit containing everything installers need to begin adopting the method, Invisiweld looks set to transform resilient flooring:

“Cold welding is already widely used in continental Europe and we are keen to bring all its benefits to the UK,” comments Jason Barrett, National Sales Manager, Itec Contract Floors. “We feel the method will very often supersede hot welding as it requires less equipment, is faster, less expensive, more forgiving to slight errors and provides a far better aesthetic.

Included within the Invisiweld Pro Starter Kit are Type A  (close cut and tightly butted welds) and Type C (0.3 – 4mm gaps) tubes, a contract quality knife, blades, rollers and tape; Itec Contract Floors also supplies Invisiweld Type A and Type C tubes separately.  The same tubes can be used regardless of colourway or décor, making Invisiweld suitable for use on absolutely any design combination and easy to take from project to project.

“Invisiweld also removes the problem of a hot works licence, making it a preferred choice in many refurbishment projects and in operational buildings, as well as on certain new build works,” continues Jason. “While all Itec floors can be either hot or cold-welded we view the Invisiweld concept as the way to work smarter and faster and its introduction marks the future of resilient floor installation in the UK.”

The method can be used across all Itec Contract Floors collections and Invisiweld Pro Starter Kits are available now from your local Itec distributor or by contacting Itec directly.*

For further information contact Itec Contract Floors on 08000 323 970 or visitwww.itecfloors.com

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