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A cost-cutting solution from TacFast®

Budget is often the biggest limiting factor for contractors and specifiers working on commercial projects, but with the revolutionary TacFast® flooring installation system, cost concerns can be a thing of the past. A revolutionary mechanical fix system that sits above the subfloor, TacFast® is a simple, speedy and cost-friendly way of fitting floors.

Featuring a unique interlocking disc and plate system that sits above the subfloor and a hook and loop fastening system that rapidly attaches the floorcovering, TacFast® acts as a leveller and often eliminates the need for expensive and extensive subfloor preparation. What’s more, this innovative system does not require adhesives with lengthy drying times, saving both time and money.

The TacFast® system also acts as a DPM, eradicating any expensive maintenance costs potentially caused by damp. The essential ingredient of TacFast®, the polypropylene LocPlate™ plates work as a water barrier to prevent any moisture migrating through the subfloor from affecting the floorcovering. In fact, any moisture will condense between the concrete surface of the subfloor and the LocPlate™ layer.

Suitable for a whole host of floorcoverings, including wood and laminate planks, carpet tiles, ceramics, natural stone and LVT, the TacFast® system is ideal for large-scale projects that require multi-floor installation. Another major cost-saving benefit of TacFast® is that flooring can be easily and quickly removed or replaced – great for refurbishments or even multi-location businesses.

“It is clear that the TacFast® system does not just offer a quick and easy flooring installation solution, but it delivers exceptional cost-cutting benefits too,’ explain Jonathan Stone, CCO, TacFast® Systems International. “TacFast® really is an all-in-one method, removing the need for costly subfloor preparation, DPMs, levellers and adhesives. Furthermore, the speed with which the system works can also contribute to reducing labour costs. Perfect for time-sensitive and budget-driven projects, TacFast is the obvious floor fitting choice.”

Already hugely popular in the US, TacFast® has gained recognition for its speed, ease and cost-cutting benefits. A great option for a range of commercial installations, TacFast® Systems International has over 300 building-related patents to its name. Since 1998, the company has developed cutting-edge products that have been adopted by leading manufacturers. Focusing on pioneering R&D, TacFast® provides end users with an innovative installation solution.

For further information contact TacFast on 01527 919891 or visit

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