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More and more UK based companies are now realising that there is an increasing need to adopt a more sustainable approach to the running and operation of their businesses, from investigating how to use less energy and natural resources, through to how to care and look after valuable assets – many of which are still often replaced without a thought to cost or the environmental consequences.

The refurbishment of existing floors is a truly sustainable and highly cost effective alternative to replacement and, as one of the country’s leading innovators in the care and refurbishment of all types of hard and soft flooring, Traffik UK Ltd are ideally placed to provide a range of sustainable flooring solutions to both the public and private sector concerns.

Julian Stoneman, Managing Director, Traffik UK Ltd, “Floors are one of a business’ most valuable assets – they are not just something to walk on! It is often the first thing people notice when visiting your premises, a valuable asset that often defines who we are and what we represent and as such is a vitally important and costly investment. Our principle aim, particularly in these difficult economic times, is to take floor services to a new level, presenting clients with a range of solutions that revitalises and reinvigorates their flooring options without the need for expensive replacement and, once installed, to help maintain and prolong the flooring’s life”.

Traffik’s services include the provision of new surfaces for old and damaged hard flooring, new colour options and even new branding all without the need for replacement – turning unsafe and unsightly surfaces into safer BS compliant floors and, where required, providing cost effective anti mark and anti static solutions.

In turn, longer lasting existing flooring means huge cost savings – up to 75% can be saved on replacement flooring, less landfill issues and, with minimal disruption to the working environment, savings on valuable company downtime costs as well.

Traffik is a company that promises and delivers a reliable, consistent and exceptional maintenance and refurbishment flooring service, providing world class products and solutions through a nationwide network of highly trained, professional technicians across the UK and Eire.

The company’s service partnership programme enables the company to offer individually tailored floor refurbishment and maintenance programmes which includes the replacement of old and worn floors with brand new long lasting surfaces in an unlimited range of colours, designs and finishes.

Floor surfaces no longer need stripping and sealing and are as easy to maintain as any top specification floor at a fraction of the cost of replacement.

Using a revolutionary PU Design system, Traffik can work on top of most resilient surfaces such as PVC, linoleum, rubber, smooth concrete, ceramic and quarry tiles, resin and wood, to create amazing results – all without the need to lift and replace old floors.

With limitless colour options, coloured flecks, printed foils and even bespoke graphic elements, unique and individual flooring is created at a fraction of the cost of conventional replacement flooring systems.

Traffik can also advise on the suitability of floor surfaces and through Pendulum Testing determine if flooring meets HSE/BS slip guidelines.

With a wide range of anti slip solutions, including exclusivity for world leaders No Skidding for the UK & Ireland the company can provide solutions for all types of floor surfaces.

All Traffik offices nationwide use Pendulum testers to assess floor safety using BS7976 guidelines.

Traffik’s anti colour system ensures that, stains and damaging marks from tyres, iodine, bleach and other materials that can cause marking, are easily managed to avoid permanent stains.

Anti-static ESD compliant systems are also available in two forms for fully earthed floors as well as for floors that require Electrostatic dissipation.

Carpeted flooring is also covered through Traffik’s Carpet Care Troubleshooting Service which helps to protect and prolong the life of expensive carpets.

The company’s Dry Extraction and Revolutionary Electrolytic Carpet Maintenance system ensures there is no waste of water during cleaning and maintenance and that another valuable asset is given a new lease of life.

Julian Stoneman, “sustainability is something that we are all going to have to embrace in the future and the best time to start is now! The days of our previous “ throw away” society are gone and in all aspects of our working and personal lives we have to concede that climate change, landfill issues and the use of less energy are with us to stay… flooring may not be the first thing one thinks of when looking at how to lead sustainable business lives but it is one of a business’ most expensive and most used assets – our aim is to help companies look after and prolong the life of their flooring without the need for replacement and the issues that taking that route throws up – floors need looking after and that’s what Traffik is all about!

For further details visit the Traffik website:

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